Human Physiotherapy


Do you have a soft tissue injury, joint problem or back or neck pain ?


Are you recovering from orthopaedic surgery?

Do you have a longstanding problem related to sport or exercise ?


Physiotherapy can help to alleviate pain and improve function


The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independence and performance by

Reducing pain

Promoting the healing process

Increasing or maintaining muscle strength and joint flexibility

Promoting and restoring normal movement patterns

Increasing cardiovascular fitness


Depending on your needs identified during assessment, treatment may include:

                     Joint mobilisation

                     Soft tissue mobilisation, including massage and soft tissue/myofascial release

                     Acupressure and trigger point work


                     Development of appropriate exercise programmes to restore/improve strength, suppleness, stamina and proprioception

                     Therapeutic ultrasound and laser

                     Magnetic therapy

                     Cold/heat therapy

                     Gait re-education and training

                     Advice on condition management and avoidance of recurrence